Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Leadership is not a title, it's a behavior

▶Posted in triplicate (a Trilogy) around these #ALTACITIES and our Flipboard magazines, the following #SocialCurrentSee archive is a timely sequel to the allied posts on our NEXTDOOR Trilogy message board.

The #ALTACITIES archived VIDEO clip (above), an important '#SocialCurrentSee' lecture courtesy of TEDx, was not intended for the management, board, or residents of common interest developments (aka HOAs), but the leadership theme might well apply in this location and any business enterprise, nonprofit or for-profit.

Flip②▶ Follow: Susan Scott  Fierce, Inc.

▶ QUOTABLE Susan Scott is a best-selling author and leadership development architect who has enabled top executives worldwide to engage in vibrant dialogue with one another, with their employees, and with their customers for two decades. A recognized thought leader in the global business and education communities, and recipient of the 2008 Stevie Award for Entrepreneur of the Year. Susan and her company, Fierce, Inc., are committed to large-scale and individual transformation through the principles set forth in Susan's books and her company's customized corporate training programs.


Bingo, bango, bongo or just BING

All ink cartridges just $4.99. Period.


As a timely postscript to the topic of transparency in leadership, to illustrate, can we find a better clip than this?
VIDEO (Click to LINK)

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