Tuesday, February 16, 2016

#SocialCurrnetSee of #Cyberthreats

https://goo.gl/dhpx84 (turn up the sound)

We are back from City of Hope today, the middle of a cycle of three doctor visits and a round of blood tests, all part of our six-month checkup.  As readers of my blog know, we are approaching the 10th anniversary of the April 2006 diagnosis of mantle cell lymphoma (MCL).  Today's visit was with the endocrinologist and he, of course, reviewed and discussed our blood test results taken a week ago. Happy to say that all is well!  However, not too many miles away from that hospital location, another hospital in the LA area doesn't find some matters going so well.

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Having enjoyed nearly a 40-year career starting in 1971 with nonprofit hospitals, I observed how information management has become an important cornerstone of patient care and the health care business in general.  That reality makes me more observant of news, clips, and stories (the #SocialCurrentSee) that introduces this post. How unfortunate are these facts.  I'm sure the hospital in question is well on the way to a remedy for the problem, but it makes one wonder how and when the story will be repeated at any one or many of the thousands of other hospitals in our world.

A simple solution for these types of cyber attacks may be found in the advice given by the following video.



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