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From our oasis of a retirement community, a common interest development (aka HOA or homeowners association) in the Inland Empire of Southern California (Trilogy Glen Ivy), the topic of disaster recovery following an earthquake is the subject of debate and study by a committee made up of condominium homeowners living in the area.

If you have never been to 
Trilogy, you would not know that the community of 1317 homes includes what is known as a Special Benefit Area (SBA), the Cobblestone Canyon subdivision of 170 condos that are uniquely built as two-unit pods (see inset photo).  That is the homes have upper and lower units, only two homeowners per dwelling.

Word is that this community, finished about ten years ago by Shea Homes, is one of only about six such configurations (designs) in the whole state of California.  So much for the locality and the geography of the area, but let's address the topic of disaster recovery.

That subject is of interest not just because of the likelihood of a major earthquake in our lifetime for Southern California, but also because we and our fellow condo homeowners are wholly and singularly responsible for rebuilding our units in the event of major (or minor) damage caused by such a disaster.  Hence, the work of this committee is underway.

Of course, there are at least three options for Cobblestone Canyon condo homeowners in the event of major destruction via a quake:

1) Per the current HOA CC&Rs, all Trilogy homeowners are required to clear, clean (remove debris), and level their property for rebuilding.  But condo homeowners, like the majority single-family homeowners are not required to rebuild.

2) However, if homeowners choose not to rebuild, they risk forfeiture of their property title to the HOA if they fail to keep paying HOA dues and assessments and/or fail to pay their property mortgage, if such exists.

3) Rebuild by whatever means and financing available, but earthquake insurance, or EQI (while available) is not possible for condo homeowners unless a majority vote (50% + 1) of the condo homeowners vote to have the HOA buy EQI.

Beyond the EQI matter, the issue of recovery after an earthquake (or any other disaster) is, first, what is the status of communications?  Land lines, internet, cell phones are all likely to be down.  The #SocialCurrentSee of a remedy for this situation is shared in the content that started this post.


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