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Do you want, need 24-hour video cams in your HOA?

Surveillance video catches mailbox thieves in the act — 8 News NOW (@8NewsNow) December 25, 2015 TGI is our common interest development (aka HOA) in the Inland Empire of Southern California (near Corona), a gated community.  Hence our HOA board and membership has discussed the idea of having 24-hour surveillance cameras installed at the many gates for security.  That has not yet happened for various reasons.  Maybe one reason for the delay is consideration of what could happen per the YouTube clip above and others caught in the #SocialCurrentSee below.
Flip②▶ Top 5 Cities with the Largest Surveillance Camera Networks | VinTech Systems | and then there is this in the moment from the location that may have the most prevalent and advanced surveillance system in the world ... 

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