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Gift♥Worth®▶ #SocialCurrentSee®

TWITTER moments (like the one below) and social media content today archive the results of web search for the location #Gatlinburgand #GatlinburgFire with story and social media links▶  Within these links and the #SocialCurrentSee on topic, we follow a tragic story about a community racked by devastating fires, the resort town of Gatlinburg is a mountain resort city in Sevier County, Tennessee, located 39 miles from Knoxville in the Great  Smoky Mountains.  Perhaps the most famous resident of the area is singer and country music star #DollyParton who has risen to provide a philanthropic outreach to aid the fire victims and to help the community recover.
Flip② GiftWorth® #SocialCurrentSee® by #ALTACITIES® #Parton #CharityTennessee Star DOLLY PARTON charity toward Gatlinburg area fire victims in her home state headlines this moment, proving charity begins at home


#Recount16▶ #SocialCurrentSee®

By now, the whole world (at least those who don't read fake news) is aware that a recount of the #Election2016vote is underway in three states, as delineated below. The curator and archivist of ALTACITIES, has to take a MOMENT to ask: When will this madness end? Here's how some of the headlines and tweets are now trending on this topic:

▶The 2016 presidential election recounts are about to begin, plunging an already chaotic election into more scenes of drama.

▶Now that Green Party nominee Jill Stein has raised more than $6 million for recounts in three battleground states – Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania – it looks likely that they will happen.

President-elect Donald Trump, as he is so prone to do, He tweeted Sunday that he ‘won popular vote if you deduct millions who voted illegally,’ while adviser called Clinton and Stein 'crybabies and sore losers.'

▶The Obama administration said it has seen no evidence of hackers tampering with the 2016 presidential electi…